Indie Band Interview : The Shape of the Earth

By: Mut Asheru

Do I Disturb the Universe with News of a Great Band?  Yes, I do.

So we have for you this time an alternative indie band The Shape of the Earth that may be leaning towards folk in the future.   A little back story on this one.

A couple of years ago I was perusing and I came across this singer/songwriter by the name of Gavin Bascom,  We struck up a conversation about his music and the raw honesty portrayed in his lyrics.  We were also both fans of an indie artist by the name of Levi Weaver.  He sent his cd in for us to review.  We were swamped and never got around to it.

Well now we have.  Currently in the hunt for a new drummer Gavin and The Shape of the Earth are working their latest CD Do I Disturb the Universe. 

Bascom  has a vocal styling that sounds like he could break into a million pieces of tear soaked glass at any moment.  He sounds like he needs a bear hug and as much as I would love to wrap him up nice and secure in my snuggie and serve him a big bowl of homemade chicken soup,  Gavin asures me that he’s happy and emotionally balanced and that not every song on Do I Disturb the Universe is about him.

“Separate Lives” and “The Backs of Our Hands” are about a girl he knew in college that passed away and whose brief life inspired him to take a look around him.

“I looked around at her funeral and thought…’this is sad she was alone and didn’t have to be’,” explains Bascom.

But let me not set a somber tone here. The album does have its upbeat moments in tunes “A Audio Scribble”, “Higher Ground” and “Alone in This” where catchy songwriting meets good drum.

Originally a solo artist, Bascom recognizes the benefits of having a full band which fleshes out the songs and maks them more robust and meaty.

“I couldn’t make songs this full sounding on my own,” he stated.

Thankfully he was very understanding about how long it took for UTM to hook up with him.  But guess what.  The awesome 45 minute interview that allowed us to get all up in his mind and world didn’t record.  And yours truly didn’t take notes. WTF.  I could just throw up.

I guess this band’s awesomeness can’t be contained in written words (or even recorded audio interviews for that matter).

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