Indie Band Interview : The Deluge

The Inverted Earth And All That It Could Mean

By: Mut Asheru

Cascade is the best word available to describe this indie group The Deluge’s music which is somewhere between a noun, verb and a fantasy.  Their first self titled album (would call it an EP but its too long for that) was 4 uber long, heavily stringed instrumentals nestled in otherworldly rhythms.   Their second album Inverted Earth gives us 7 tracks with added vocals tucked away in its complex folds of conceptual track play and still…otherworldly rhythms.

Born in the minds of (and still residing with the keepers) Matthew O’Rane, Andrew McKee and Grant Jordan, The Deluge has seen its days of expansion and contraction.  Originally 3 on the first album, their numbers swelled to 7…they are back down to four. Yet the cascade continues to rush forward and forward and forward.  Inverted Earth conceptually tackles the story of the flood.  You know the one.  THE flood that was said to rush in, build up, submerge and then recede.  I’m sure you can tell where I’m going from here. I quickly and decisively became a prisoner of this album.  I would marry this album.

Not the first progressive rock group but damn sure one of the best to hit my ear drums in a long time.  I’m talking 3 years and if we take into account the sheer magic and amount of their instruments and the arrangements then I have to say not since the 70s.  I know.  I asked my friends and colleagues that were stompin around in the 70s.

I more so love the self tilted album but cannot deny the way opening track on Inverted Earth “Variations” hit me and emboldened me to imagine myself a tossed away princess combing the desert looking for my lost kingdom.  I love the rhythmic variations (ha, I really didn’t mean to reference the track title) on this album.  The Deluge is good about capitalizing on moments of stillness and the inevitable pull of chaos as evident in “Undulations”, “Inverted Earth”, and “Raindrop Matrices”.

I did get a chance to speak with the group about their new album, their old album, their lack of a website to separate them from the other deluges out there, their inclusion of the seductive lady in their albums artwork.  A great interview.  But the audio sucked to high heaven so you won’t get to hear it and I can’t transcribe it.

But you trust me.  So listen to me when I tell you. They are a great bunch of guys.  All able to pick up and respectfully play at least 4 instruments and will even learn to play whatever instrument is called for should it be needed.

I would love to go on but its way too easy to get all metaphorical on this piece.  Metaphors are all that’s left once you have your listen.  Every song is its own story.  Chapters that tie into the overall concept of a world ending/saving flood. Yes…wait for it….a deluge.

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