Sonic Bloom: Indie Artist Interview: T. Riley…noooo not Teddy

By: Corbyn Bricie

T. Riley (no not Teddy) is a reformed pilot who decided to clip her wings settle in Canada and soar through the clouds of rock instead.  Cumulus, stratus…blah blah blah…the lady is dope.  Self proclaimed genre shape shifters, she and her band of talented fellows are fantabulous and we know because we have the self titled CD.

Thirteen tracks of awesome lyrics and chord changes, her voice reminded us of the Go-Gos in their punk days.  It’s evident that this pretty lady is a thinker as evidenced in her lyrics.  Not too heavy mind you but very clever.  Classic line: “I never wanted to be the halo hangin around your neck.” – To Be

Riley has moved traveled the world gathering musical experiences to her bosom that provides a depth to her unique blend of indie-pop-rock. Just when you think you can neatly file her into the heavy, progressive pigeon-hole, out comes a sweet, pretty, county-esque ballad. Citing influences like Blondie, PJ Harvey and Tool it should be easy to see our dilemma in deciding what exactly to call her music.

Riley played the rock circuit Toronto for a couple of years, and then searching for fulfillment, she settled in Vancouver and enrolled in VCC to study jazz.

“Nicely jaded, I needed something more, so I enrolled in the Jazz music program at VCC which was just what I needed. My ears opened up and I met amazing new people and was exposed to amazing new music. I met Ryan Guldemond who started as my guitar teacher, then I quickly recruited him into my band after losing my socks from seeing him perform. Ryan since, however, has gone on to world domination with Mother Mother, so I have recruited Sir Rick Rodney to fill his shoes. The Universe brought me Ali Siadat and his funky beats through mutual friends. Neil Cruikshank, the man of many talents, has joined us to play bass. Crystal Balint, a talented singer-actor-songwriter has recently stepped aboard the project to add her sweet BGs to the mix,” says Riley.

And that’s all we have for now.  We’ll have to keep our eyes on this one and her/their developing career.


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