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Nima Fakhrara

By: Mut “I Make Up Words As I Go Along” Asheru

There’s a wonderful indie film on the scene called One Hour Fantasy Girl and it has within its framework a score done by up-and-comming film composer Nima Fakhrara, , a protege of Hans Zimmer and who scored the Joker theme along with other pieces in The Dark Knight.

Having studied Persian classical music since the age of 5, Nima has always found an interest in the sound and structure of ethnic music.

“My goal has always been to score films and create a new sound, “ says Nima.

A plus for Nima on the One Hour Fantasy Girl project was the freedom he had to get into the characters and really create a score that he believes moves the film along and creates an exciting atmosphere without getting in the way.

“Becky’s character was so rich and complex it was easy to get in touch with her emotionally,” states Nima.


Born in Tehran, Iran has been with Persian classical music from birth, he slept to the sound of Music, and the Santour was his lullaby. At the tender age of five he started to learn music and The Santour. He started to study music with Ostad Tavakoli, then with Ostad Hematabadi and finally with Ostad Saeed Sabet. As the youngest musician in the academy he played in many gatherings side by side with Ostad Sabet. He finished the study of Radif (Persian Classical Repertoire) with Ostad Sabet.

He traveled to the US to continue his education and his musical career. In Washington D.C. he studied the art of improvising, composition, and conducting with Dr Nader Majd. Under Dr Alireza Analoui he researched the art of complex rhythms. He composed many pieces for The Chakavak Ensemble which was conducted by Dr Majd. He traveled to Los Angeles to continue his education in Media Composition at California State University Northridge. He studied Ethnomusicology, Anthropology, and Instrument Making. With The information gathered he made the instrument Delnavaz. He has composed many pieces for short films and commercials.

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