Sonic Bloom: Coyo – Artful Jazz and Native American Flutes

COYO: Of Artful Jazz and Native American Flutes

We won’t even pretend to be knowledgeable enough to review their music.  But we think you should know them…So here’s their bio.

Coyo’s magical rhythms of the hand drums, melodic voice of the acoustic guitar and penetrating ethereal callings of the wood flute are captivating audiences young and old alike.  Join us in creating a world removed from the stress of human achieving – Come listen & dance… Your Spirit is Free!

Ron Laws: Ron  began studying and playing music over 50 years ago as a teen living and playing in the valleys and mountains of Southern Oregon.  He chooses to channel his creative life energies into creating and playing Native American style wooden flutes honoring the natural world with his music.  Ron is known for his provocative and spirit filled stories & melodies which infuse Coyo with the sound and spirit of nature.


Tim Moore: Tim’s guitar career has centered on rock, jazz and folk music.  After several years fo study Tim expanded his skills into the indigenous realm, approaching the guitar as a percussion instrument.  His style invites all to be in the moment.

Dale Largent: Grade school introduced Dale to percussion over 30 years ago and has been drumming ever since.  Dale experienced the true voice of the drum when he discovered hand drums… the wonder of a stretched hide and world rhythms.  Dale brings the mystical experience of these rhythms to those seeking transcendence, joy and the opportunity to dance.


Ron Laws: Wood flutes, bamboo and clay whistles
Tim Moore: Acoustic guitars & mandolin
Dale Largent: Percussion & hand drums


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