Song Seung-heon is Confirmed for MBC Drama “When A Man’s In Love”


MBC drama “When A Man’s in Love” will depict Song Seung-heon as tough guy Han Tae-sang. He’s a wild man who’s lived a lonely life.

Han Tae-sang is cold and strong on the outside but inside is cold and lonely. His cold eyes reflect the hard times and tough familial relationships he has  had to endure.

Song Seung-heon expresses his macho swagger with dark eyebrows, a beard and fierce eyes. The pic of Song Seung-heon to the right screams ‘macho’.

Meanwhile, “When A Man’s in Love” also stars Sin Se-kyeong, Yeon Woo-jin, Chae Jeong-an and more — to be aired this 3rd of April.

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“When A Man’s In Love” Song Seung-heon, the wild guy (HanCinema) / CC BY-SA 3.0

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