Film Review: “Horny Family” – A Korean comedy that pokes fun at the concept of family, love and fidelity

Review by: Mut Asheru Korean comedy HORNY FAMILY directed by Bo-Sang Park gently and un-apologetically pokes fun at the concept of family, love and fidelity. The film is shot and scripted in a way that humanizes our sex drives and calls to question the notion of lifetime pairing between human beings. Although the movie boasts […]

Film Short Review: “W.M. 2013” – Korean bride fantastically battles zombies on her way to marriage

Movie Review by: Mut Asheru W.M. 2013 is a Korean short film directed by Ahn Gi-chang that is showed at the 17th Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival (PIFAN) in the horror, action category. Coming in at a fantastically action packed 19 minutes W.M. 2013 tells the story of a bride battling her way through male […]

Film Review: Korean Indie Movie ‘Mot’ – I really wanted to like this film…but

Film Review by: Mut Asheru I really wanted to like this film and I really did…kind of. MOT and indie Korean film directed by Hobin Seo tells the tale of life gone wrong for a group of high-school friends after an innocent night of partying to celebrate their last day of high school. During the […]

Korean Movie Review: “Go,Stop,Murder” by Director Kim Joon-kwon – Is Life or Death Really Just the Luck of the Draw?

Review by: Mut Asheru Hi folks. It’s time for us to introduce you to another good independent movie. GO, STOP, MURDER  (고스툽 실인) comes to us by way of Writer / Director Kim Joon-kwon’s capable hands. It’s a logic bender listed as drama / fantasy however I found it to be more murder/mystery meets sci-fi. […]

Short Film Review and Feature: Korean indie “App Sapiens” by director Ko Hyun-chang

Review by: Mut Asheru One of our favorite independent shorts so far this year is APP SAPIENS (viewable below in English subtitles) by director Ko Hyun-chang. It’s Sci-fi – social-political in all the right places. The thought of how connected we are to our technology will continue to be the stuff of dreams and great […]

Korean Film Review: “The Heaven is Only Open to the Single” is a South Korean tale of two folks jus wookin pa nub and chances are good they just might find it

   Review by: Mut Asheru I’m happy to report that this delightful tale of love and romance is worth the watch. The ‘two lonely souls looking for luv’ formula never gets old. Especially when done up as simply and as beautifully in Korean movie THE HEAVEN IS ONLY OPEN TO THE SINGLE. The characters in […]

Film Review: Korean short film “Safe House” …coulda, shoulda been feature length

Review by: Mut “talks in her sleep” Asheru SAFE HOUSE is the bloody, suspenseful story of a gangster Chee-soo (played by Ju-Hyung Pak) basically losing his sh*t. His mental strings begin losing elasticity as he follows his traitor boss Mr. T (ugh, new character name needed here please) to the safe house after initiating a nasty […]

Film Review: “Breathe Me” a short film about teenage pregnancy in South Korea and a couple of parent kids that have no conscious…do they?

Review by: Mut “hi-there” Asheru Very early on through dark lighting, abandoned locations and a lonely winding road the Korean short film BREATHE ME effectively creates a sense of overwhelming hopelessness the main characters must feel given their situation.  A high school boy and a girl give birth to a baby inside an abandoned bus. […]