CD Review: Ron Isley’s “This Song is for You”…refusing to rest on his mighty laurels even after 50+ years in the music biz

Review by: Le Le Symone Soul artists that have been productive and in demand for decades are few and far between, especially ones who have been dropping hits “from the 8-Track to the iPod” generation. Ronald Isley has proven himself to be one of those rarities, a performer who refuses to rest on his mighty laurels even after […]

CD Review: ‘Sexy Beat’ by MBLAQ – Dare I say this collection is for grown folk…or at least grownish folk

Review by: Mut “yup I said it” Asheru Okay here we go. MBLAQ’s 5th mini album (or EP as it were) SEXY BEAT is an aptly titled body of work. The sound is decidedly more sexy and smooth than their previous albums. Dare I say this collection is for grown folk…or at least grownish folk. […]

CD Review: ‘Define Believe’ by Zeph Allen

Review by: Corbyn Bricie So we have a thing about resetting musical compasses right now. We’ve been blessed to come across some very strong indie albums this year and Zeph Allen’s DEFINE BELIEVE is another breath of fresh air. What wins for Allen is his simple lyrics. Nestled in their simplicity is wake up sign […]

CD Review: ‘Unwed Mothers’ by Unwed Mothers

Review by: Corbyn Bricie Hot diggity-doggon-damn. Unwed Mothers’ self-titled CD UNWED MOTHERS is rock/blues/soul that we can wholeheartedly get behind. Usually, our reviewer opinions don’t necessarily represent the moods and feelings of the entire staff. I’m not always excited enough by what I hear to share it with everyone. But this album is something entirely […]

CD Review: Wolf – Tyler the Creator

By: Carolina Jones Label: Odd Future Records It’s good ya’ll. Not great but consistently good. This is the 3rd album and if Tyler the Creator was gonna fall off it would have happened by now. So it’s confirmed with his 3rd CD WOLF that he knows what he’s doing behind and in front of the […]