Reel Crush: 10 Indie Films We Can’t Live W/O

We have a longer list but here’s the short and sweet of it.  We thought about it long and hard and decided to go with some films we saw last year that have really stuck with us.  The criteria?  We’ve watched them more than once and will gladly watch again.  Here they are in no certain order.  Read on if you give a damn…and you should.

1.  Carried Away directed by Tom Huckabee

2.  La Mission directed by Peter Bratt (Per Mut, he’s Benjamin sexy brother)

3.  ThunderSoul directed by Mark Landsman

4.  The Happy Poet directed by Paul Gordon

5.  Lover’s of Hate directed by Bryan Poyser

6. The Dry Land directed by Ryan Piers Williams

7.  Brotherhood directed by Will Canon

8.  Alabama Moon directed by Tim McCanlies

9.  Winter’s Bone (we know you’re familiar by now) directed by Debra Granik

10.  Dogtooth directed by Giorgos Lanthimos


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