Sonic Bloom: Chi City’s “Ordinary Girl” featuring Y, produced by Kajmir Beats (NSFW)

*NSFW – Don’t You Play This At Work At Loud…Unless You Got It Like That* Enjoy! CHI CITY, “ORDINARY GIRL” featuring YP | produced by KAJMIR BEATS audio at My Untold Story at | Twitter (@iamchicity) | Facebook   Southside Chicago rapper Chi City presents his new Kajmir Beats-produced single “Ordinary Girl”, featuring Universal Republic artist […]

Sonic Bloom: Wainwright – positive points in the unique department

By: Corbyn Bricie Singing in a voice that almost sounds strangled at times lends Wainwright positive points in the unique department. What does that mean?  It means that it sounds at times that he is struggling to hit the majority of notes so they’re forced out in a guttural in and out of tune manner […]

Sonic Bloom: Pierce Edens

Pierce Edens 4 Reasons Why We’re Watching Him 1.  Pierce has a voice that’s rock-blues-country-animal personified.  Picture that perfect pair of cowboy boots that’s scuffed up and perfectly worn in from the everyday to and fro of life.  Yeah he makes us feel comfortable, scuffed up and worn in.  Something like the feeling you get […]

Sonic Bloom: Harn SOLO feat. Tha Cartel – Monumental

Thanks to James over at Dunn Deal PR for keeping us in the know. This flow and beat reminds us… Harn SOLO feat. Tha Cartel – Monumental

Sonic Bloom : Francis Dunnery

By: Ric Hickey In his youth he vainly wore his long and flowing hair well past his shoulders, his pants tight, and his shirt open to the waist to reveal the full splendor of his hairy, rock star chest. Though clearly an exceptionally gifted guitarist and singer even in the earliest days of his career, […]

Sonic Bloom: Steven Drakes – Driving While Intoxicated

Steven Drakes just keeps hittin us and hittin us. This is not my favorite track from him but I love what he does with his voice on this one. Not only is the delivery soft as silk but as the title indicates his voice makes me feel intoxicated to the point where I feel that […]