LookHear: Anouar Brahem – “Astracan Cafe”

Sonic Bloom: YAMIN…and we mean that!

Sooo yeah, thanks goes out to James Dunn over at dunndealPR for onct again turnin us on to somethin nice and fresh. And now…because we love and care for your earholes…we’re hoping to turn you onto this artist as well. Yamin Semali ladies and gentlemen. This is totally safe for work. East Point, GA native Yamin, […]

CD Review: PRIVATE VIEW by Swing Out Sister

Review By: Melody Charles Not too long ago, the US East Coast tour of Swing Out Sister became a casualty of an act of nature: a humongous cloud of ash that blanketed Europe and made flight impossible for nearly a month. They had a choice to make: letting the newly-composed arrangements of their best-known hits […]

Sonic Bloom: Coyo – Artful Jazz and Native American Flutes

COYO: Of Artful Jazz and Native American Flutes We won’t even pretend to be knowledgeable enough to review their music.  But we think you should know them…So here’s their bio. Coyo’s magical rhythms of the hand drums, melodic voice of the acoustic guitar and penetrating ethereal callings of the wood flute are captivating audiences young […]

Interview: Sparky Quano – Rock Guitar God

We’ve known about Sparky Quano and his extraordinary talent on the strings for years now. And we are finally prepared to share this gem of a musician with the those of you who may not be aware of the Japanese power-strummer that is Sparky Quano. With a talent like this hearing is believing. Playing solo, […]

Music Feature Flashback:Dan Sistos – In The Midnight Hours

By: Mut Asheru If you’re not a lover within the first few strums of Sistos’s guitar then I truly don’t understand what you are doing with your life.  Maybe it’s hard for some to step outside of their preferred listening zone and embrace listening across borders but for most of us music is an omni-auditory […]