Music Video Director Doug Cook’s Latest Video ‘Orient B. / To A Place You Don’t Come Back’ For Canadian Post-Rockers Jung People

Orient B. / To A Place You Don’t Come Back from Doug Cook on Vimeo.


Calgary music video director, Doug Cook released his latest video ‘Orient B. / To A Place You Don’t Come Back‘ for Canadian post-rock group, Jung People for their upcoming album ‘Gold Bristle’.

Descending from love to dissonance, this unorthodox music video was inspired from a short screenplay written by Cook and Thomas Robert Lee. It features two tracks, Orient B. from Jung People’s 2011 album ‘Tenderhooks’ and ‘To A Place You Don’t Come Back’ from the upcoming album GOLD BRISTLE.

The music video depicts the tormented relationship between a father and his son. It tells the story of a man living in anguish after his father’s decision to conduct genetic experiments on him as a newborn. Capturing their journey of regret, anger, forgiveness and faith, the video explores the delicate balance between nature and ethics while Jung People’s melody rolls in the background.

“This music video does more than promote Jung People’s new album, it’s a true collaboration of local filmmakers and the band,” said Cook. “It’s the extension of my concept to create a film-style music video based on a screenplay that Thomas and I wrote.”

“Jung People’s Bryan Buss and Jordan Bassi fully supported the themes and style I was exploring,” described Cook. “Their music reflected the tone and vibe of the short film. There’s nothing better than a band that trusts me to add a visual layer to their music ”

Cook also utilized the talent of Calgarian Filmmakers, Thomas Robert Lee and Hans Grossmann, who are currently developing a feature film, Empyrean, and Production Designer Bobby Vanonen. Bobby was nominated for an AMPIA award for his work on Burlesque Assassins and has worked on numerous music videos with Cook.

Jung People’s GOLD BRISTLE album was produced by Howard Bilerman (Arcade Fire, Godspeed You! Black Emperor) and recorded at Thee Mighty Hotel2Tango studio in Montreal, Quebec.

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