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The more you know about the jobs of each creative and business person working on your projects!


During several Music Talks Session a single point continued to surface. It was, “the more you know”. To often we as artist get so caught up in being artist that we forget to educate ourselves in other aspects of music and business. Its important to know as much about business as you can because we are entrepreneurs. However, it’s equally important to increase your knowledge on the jobs of musicians, producers and recording engineers, anyone you bring into your creative circle. This is not to say that we must go and take classes on production and engineering (though its not a bad idea). What is needed is an understanding working knowledge of what their jobs entail.

You know your primary instrument. You’ve been playing it for many yours. You know what to do in the studio and on stage to get out of it all that you are hearing. But do you know how to communicate what you are hearing in your head for your song/session to the keyboard player, drummer or the engineer? Do you know enough about chord structure and voicing (harmony) to get what you are hearing in your head out and across to the keyboard player? Do you understand syncopated rhythms enough to say to a drummer give me less syncopation?

Do you understand some of the basic recording and tech issues surrounding digital audio workstations (DAWS) like Logic Pro and Pro Tools? How well do you know MIDI? My point is, by lacking knowledge during the creative/production process you are compromising your songs and ultimately your career. It’s important to understand the job of each player on your team and the jobs language. You should be able to express to them what you are hearing or what you need to have happen in the song or the production. The more you know, and the better you are at expressing yourself the more you will get out of the people working with you, the session and YOUR music!


David Knight

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