Music Interview: UK Songbird – Alex Hepburn

By: Corbyn Bricie

alexhepburnBlessed with beauty and elegance, UK artist Alex Hepburn has a voice that could rock and knock the angels off their clouds.  She’s been through some mess though, so turn away if you like your femme songbirds delicate.

She’s been in the game a relatively short time but has learned a precious lot.  And we get the feeling that the lessons have kinda stung a little, but thankfully they haven’t dulled Alex’s sense of humor or creativity.

Knowshi – What drives you artistically?

AH – To live off what I love the most and to take care of my family.

Knowshi –  How do strike a balance between the business of music and your creativity?

AH – It does get in the way, but I like to know the ins and outs of business and what I am getting myself into.

Knowshi – How personal is your song writing?

AH –  My song writing is personal, a lot of my lyrics are things I have experienced or felt or witnessed.  Can we get an accurate view of you through your lyrics? It is very hard to explain, the name of my album is: In the shadow of my world….so I guess the lyrics are a darker side of me…

Knowshi –  How long have you been singing and writing anyway?

AH –  In my mothers whom….joking, I don’t know maybe 6 years or more but never really thought I would do this as a living,  I have only taken it seriously since 2 years….But have always sang since I can remember.

Knowshi – What is the most valuable lesson you’ve learned so far regarding your career?

AH – Never trust anyone! heheh! No but pay attention to details and nothing is free in life.

Knowshi – Does your beauty ever get in the way of people taking you serious?

AH – Only certain men who let their second head do the thinking….And bitchy women who like to take their bitterness out on others.

Knowshi – Have you brought your show state-side yet?

AH – Yes I was on Direct Tv channel 101 (Project Myworld)

Knowshi – How do you feel about comparisons to other artists? You know they’re coming!

AH – I hate them I know people need to compare to feel safe….or what ever but I don’t think artists go out and copycat other artists purpose, I think that we are influenced, yes , things like Billie Holliday and Nina Simon I listened to so if another artists listened to the same the thing as me, we could have similar vocals….

Knowshi –  Define for us your perfect record deal…that is if you’re looking for one.

AH – Artistic liberty, so I don’t end like a clone of barby and the gang…

Knowshi –   Last question, a kind of fun one (I guess).  If you could be any note on the musical scale what would it be and why?

AH – All of them…..don’t make me pick! Play nice!

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