Music Interview: Indie Hip-Hop Artist Eleven and His “Ego Crusher”

elevenQ&A By: Mut Asheru

Well look at what we’ve gone and did. We’ve fooled around and found something for you.

Eleven was born in the Bronx, New York and literally into the world Hip Hop. At a very young age, like so many 80s babies, he was drawn to the culture. After moving to Harlem in 1995 and enduring a daunting childhood that left him fending for his daily survival, Eleven turned to hustling mix tapes on the streets of New York City to sustain his existence. While hustling mix tapes, Eleven was inspired to create his own music.

Deriving his name from the first letter of his government name which is the 11th letter of the alphabet, he is also known in the MC battle circuit as the Ego Crusher, because of his ability to defeat all would-be competition, basically leaving their egos crushed.

Now ready to release his debut album Respect b4 Fame, under the guidance of Dana Dane’s Def Beat Entertainment multi-media company. Eleven’s debut single, “Talk My Shit”, out and buy-able. When asked how he came up with the title for his CD, Respect B4 Fame, Eleven says, “I have learned to stay grounded because I understand that once the fame is gone, all I’ll have is my respect.”

Eleven is a gifted songwriter, arranger and producer who has collaborated on tracks with Maya Azucena (Grammy winner), Marc John Jefferies (Actor/rapper – Notorious, Brown Sugar), Blitz, Ashley Nyx, Miss Cash and Dana Dane. Eleven continues to prove himself to be one of the most driven artists in the rap arena to date.

He’s answered some questions via email for us: (I left the lol’s but they’re in there. He seems like a real cool cat)

Knowshi: How famous do you intend to get?

Eleven: I wanna be famous enough to pay my bills & take care of the peoples that helped me before the fame.

Knowshi: How do you know when you’ve come up with a stunner line?

Eleven:Wow, sometimes the hot lines I think is crazy people don’t get. Its the ones I don’t really try to make all complicated are the ones people get. I use a lot of movie metaphors.

Knowshi: What are you reading right now? and Why?

Eleven: Right now im readin DANA DANE S NUMBERS , cus its a good book and I produced a song on the soundtrack… thought I’d plug that real quick.

Knowshi: Why have you chosen this path?

Eleven: I think this path chose me cus I dnt know nothing else. Wen I was a kid, I was always tryin to fit in wit the cool kids. Wats more cooler than rappin?

Knowshi: Where else would you like your career path to lead?

Eleven: I want this path to lead to a story & legacy I can leave behind and let everyone know that if I can make it, they can too. I dont think im ever having kids so I try to leave a peice of me on earth thru my music & the artist I worked wit or helped shout out to my homie LUZ. Also my team is all females that get it poppin. Im really tryin to bring back the female movement.

Visit Eleven’s official website for exclusive music, videos, down loads, event information and bookings.

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