Music Interview: Erick Blu – teen pop sensation from India hopes to break the American market with the help of legendary producer Joel Diamond


Written by: Mut Asheru

What’s one of the things missing from the American music market today? Ahhh, I can hear all of you chiming in with the obvious and not-so-obvious answers. And you’re right…or not.  But what I bet not one you has mentioned, is the one thing or person that legendary producer / songwriter Joel Diamond has discovered…a young Indian artist by the name of Erick Blu. Their first single “Light it Up” will be released June 2015.

Erick Blu is a young man with kind eyes and killer drive. His obvious charisma and charm lies within his sincere desire to share his music with his listeners both at home and abroad. He and his newly assembled musical team helmed by two time Grammy nominated producer Joel Diamond have strategically thought this thing through and have success in their sights. You will hear Erick Blu and if all goes right…you will embrace him.

A little background. 18 year old singer, dancer and songwriter Erick was born in New Delhi, India. He began playing music when he was 12 years old after his father gifted him with an acoustic guitar. He’s very familiar with the stage and performing for large crowds. Did we mention that he’s somewhat of a big deal in his country? No? Well, he’s performed in front of 20,000 people and toured in India with American acts such as Hoobastank. was lucky enough to get a chance to speak with the prolific Joel Diamond and his newly discovered talent Erick Blu. It’s exciting for us because we’re getting in on the ground floor of what may be a 1st on the American pop / dance scene.

Knowshi: Can you define your musical style / genre for us?

Erick –  It’s pop / dance music. I’m from India. I’m a singer, musician, dancer and actor. I met Joel Diamond and we started working together and he came up with this amazing track “Light it Up” written by Larry Brown. We now have a great team and great product that hopefully everyone will enjoy.

Knowshi: Can you tell us how you got started professionally in India?

Erick –  I have my own production company that my father help me set up. We came up with an album and two music videos that did pretty well in India. The videos got like 300 thousand views; my facebook and twitter fans grew and I started touring there.

Knowshi: Do you enjoy the songwriting process?

Erick – Wow! Yes, I like songwriting. As a matter of fact, I wrote all the songs on my first album FALLING IN LOVE. I composed and wrote everything.

Knowshi: What is the most difficult part of writing a song for you?

Erick – Well, I think that as a songwriter you have to have experience about what you’re writing. So, if I write a love song and I’m not in love that’s very hard. I think that if you’re writing a song about something you have no knowledge of or you’ve never experienced…it won’t be authentic and it won’t connect. You need to be real.

Knowshi: At the tender age of 18 would you say that you’ve experienced enough to write well-rounded tunes?

Erick – Yes, because even though I’m only 18 I have been through a lot of things and have put in a lot of hard work. There have been a lot of struggles that we’ve been through. Speaking to struggle as a musician it’s very hard to go out and just perform so basically when I first started promoting my album we had some financial problems. You basically have to work double-triple to get where you want in this industry. There are so many other musicians out there. You have to be better and work really really hard to be heard and seen.

Knowshi: Joel, what made you decide to sign Erick?

Joel Diamond – Well as you can imagine I’ve been doing this a long time, roughly 35 years and I’ve seen it all, done it all and it’s very very rare that somebody comes along your path that is so focused and talented as Erick is. And that’s what really caught my eye. His talent and his focus. He will not let anything stand in his way.

Knowshi: Are you going to let him take on board duties for the upcoming album?

Joel – Maybe in future if he’d like to. But we have pretty competent people around us. I’m trying to surround him with a great team so that he can focus on what he does best and doesn’t actually have to worry about mixing, recording and producing.

Knowshi: Do you see radio embracing him?

Joel – Totally, definitely radio. And like Erick said, his genre is more pop, edm kind of sound which is going to cross both directions and we know that the clubs are very important these days for breaking records. A lot of big records have been broken in clubs so that gives us another venue to get this record out to the people.

Knowshi: This question is for Erick. Can you tell me what it’s like working for such a legendary producer like Joel who has such a rich and extensive history in the music industry?

Erick –  It’s great! The first time my mom got a call from Joel I looked up his name and it was surreal. It’s like getting a backstage pass to the industry itself. Working with him makes things easy for me. I feel comfortable and safe in his hands. Working on our single “Light it Up” was a great experience for me. I never wanted to leave the studio. It’s really fun working with him. He’s always active and has great ideas.

Knowshi: This question is for Joel. What is your vision for Erick’s future?

Joel –  As we all know, there has never been a major top teen sensation in this market from India! It’s the most populated country in the world and my vision is to make Erick a first here in this market. Obviously their film industry is breaking out here now (Bollywood) but there has never been music a sensation. Which to me is very strange. I think the path is wide open for Erick and he’s got the talent, he’s got the intelligence, and he’s an incredible dancer.

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