Music Interview: Dallas, TX Indie Band – Black Tie Dynasty

By: Mut Asheru

BTD0177Once upon a time, there lived a people hungry for great music.  A people whose thirst for the pure un-altered sound of music that’s fun and entertaining led them to a CD called “Movements“, upon which a young band by the name of Black Tie Dynasty would grab them by their quality starved ears and begin to unabashedly immerse themselves into their psyche.

Well actually it began before “Movements” but work with me here….this opening is pure poetry!  Ahem…I continue.

They had heard that the beautiful landscape of feeling and depth that was portrayed on this CDs was amplified in their live show.  They had heard that BTD could give them something to truly feel.  Armed with the hope that this was an accurate rumor, they trekked to their nearest local live venue and were made very satisfied by what they found awaiting them onstage.  They were thankful for the night that BTD suited up and performed…just for them.

Wow, pretty boastful huh?  But man these guys put it down! BTD consists of Cory Watson(vox, guitar), Eddie Thomas(drums), Blake McWhorter(bass), Brian McCorquodale(keys, synth, vox)

We’re not here to drudge up another album review.  If you haven’t heard their latest release “Movements” you’re missing out pure and simple.

Someone once said that if you get the kids dancing and singing along then you have a hit.  My kid is so moved by them that he upchucked upon meeting them at the photo shoot.  Aaahh yes, the true sign of being on the right track.  Don’t worry, we got it cleaned up and the fellas were gracious and kind about the entire incident.

So let’s move into this puppy and talk vital entertainment ingredients.  With Black Tie we have music, lyrics, performance and personality.

In the beginning Cory says that he would try to present the group with fully formed songs.

“When we first got together, many of the songs I would have written out chord progressions, chords, lyrics …everything.  I would go here’s the song. But when things really got more interesting and we started creating a signature sound for ourselves, I threw all of that away and adopted this method of writing at home and I just write ideas everyday and then I just basically come into a practice and say to myself okay the good ideas are still going to be here because I’m gonna remember them and the ones that aren’t I’m not gonna have to dig for them because the one’s that are lost probably weren’t that good anyway.

And so, basically we’ll just take these ideas musically and create these like musical moments and I’ll just kind of call on at random some of those lines and lyrics from the past week.  It’s kind of random but it makes a lot of sense.  It’s more organic and interesting because everyone gets to add their piece,” says Cory.

So basically they’re freestylin.

“Anytime anyone in the band offers something new to what I’m doing I just try to see things from their perspective, there’s no ego because it’s about what works best for the song,” says Blake.

“Our main priority is the song,” says Brian. “Each song we have is very important to us. Each song to us is like a baby.  You just wanna nurture it.  Everyone wants the best for it.  We’re like four dads coming together for this little baby…like four Guttenbergs hovering around this tiny baby,” offers Brian.

In DIY moment number one, BTD reveals that they handle their own show booking which has been for them an educational experience to say the least.  With a pretty decent following at home and in other places like LA they aren’t lacking for stages to strut their stuff.  But of course, things could always be better.

“Every tour is getting easier and less of a chore,” says lead singer Cory.  “We know what to look for and who to talk to.  It’s a learning experience but it’s really fun for me.”

PR and marketing aspects are equally split between the group.  BTD has since split from indie label Idol Records and have plans to release their next album very soon.

“We all have different things that we contribute.  We kind of delegate different things within the band.  Brian’s into the artwork and t-shirt design.  The booking and PR kind of goes hand in hand.  But we could never work as hard as Erv (Idol Records) that guy is everywhere,” offers Cory.

In DIY moment number two, Brian made sure to dig into who we’re using for a printer.  Easy Brian…we got this…you stay on the keys man.

The next step in their career involves expanding their reach and territory.

“If we can go to any city in the US and pack a show while headlining that’s the next step.  So we’re doing a lot of touring, and we’re doing a lot of promoting online.  There’s really no template for us to follow.  We really count on our fans to spread the word.”

With no blueprint to follow, BTD has decided that the best road to follow is continuing to hone their craft and make killer music.

“The key is to have fun and we’re still having fun,” says Eddie.

“We love it…it’s never a chore to go on tour.  I’m the happiest when I’m on the road with these guys,” chimes in Cory who admits that they hardly ever fight.  “We’re just the best of friends.”

The only time an argument may happen is when, “…there’s never really been anything major.  If there’s any kind of riff of any kind it’s because someone left their underwear on the floor or on the pillow or something.  We don’t stress the petty stuff,” reveals Brian.

Anything that could ever bother them is usually worked off by the time they hit the stage which is where the magic happens.

If you find yourself at BTD show, be prepared to release your wallflower ways and move a little bit.  After all, Cory’s gonna deliver the dance moves you just have to be free enough to move with him.

From the first note of the first album, BTD has been amassing a large following due to their other “caught in a dream” lyrics and charismatic stage presence.  The first step for them is to set the mood.  The mood is family and they’re not shy about inviting everyone into their world and they want you up front and center.

“The show is where there’s a lot of crowd interacting…no matter how long the sets are, it just seems that they’re over too quick,” says Blake.

While talking to the group, it’s easy to get swept up in their enthusiasm about music and performing.  They really focus on trying to make their show an experience for not only the fans but themselves as well.  The sheer joy of following their bliss is not lost on them.

“I’ve had doctors tell me how lucky I am and how they wished they had followed our route because they secretly always wanted to be in a band.  It’s just weird because here you have this person making a cool six figures a year while we make like two figures, wanting to be in our shoes. So we’re extremely lucky and grateful,” says Brian.

“Two figures!” chimes in Eddie. “Man you must have got a raise!”

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