Music Feature Flashback:Dan Sistos – In The Midnight Hours

By: Mut Asheru

If you’re not a lover within the first few strums of Sistos’s guitar then I truly don’t understand what you are doing with your life.  Maybe it’s hard for some to step outside of their preferred listening zone and embrace listening across borders but for most of us music is an omni-auditory experience.   Dan Sistos creates a soft attack on all of the senses with In the Midnight Hours.

I’m not high.  But I swear I hear his guitar speaking to me.  At the end of this album his guitar becomes a living, breathing being capable of imparting words of wisdom, love, joy and sorrow.  I mean it.  His guitar became a person and not a thing.  The only other time I heard a guitar whisper to me was when I was listening to Carlos Santana play…but that time I must confess…I was lifted.*

By the end of this album I felt like I had been taken on an epic journey into the past and on into the future.

Combining Latin, Classical and World music together, Sistos (and his session musicians) masterfully deliver musicianship, music and a dream all woven together in one big basket of beauty.

Dan started playing the guitar when he was fourteen years old in San Diego, California.  His natural ability for the instrument was so evident that he was awarded a scholarship to the National Guitar Summer Workshop a year later.  After that he studied at the Berklee School of Music in Boston**, and later at the Guitar Institute of Technology in Hollywood, CA.  Since graduating GIT in 1997, Dan has been working as a full-time professional musician in Los Angeles.

Currently working on pre-production for his album next album, Sistos co-founded a group called “The Latin Guitar Collective”.  This group features Sistos and guitarists Luis Villegas and Andy Abad.  His is also in the midst of finishing up recording and producing an album for singer/actor Josh Cruze.  He produced and recorded his first solo record in 2005.

Dan Sistos was nominated for Instrumental Artist of the Year at the 2008 Los Angeles Music Awards and has had several songs licensed for TV and film.  Dan Sistos is a prolific and sought after session and touring musician in the United States.  He has played with some of the biggest names in the business, such as Christina Aguilera and Toni Braxton.  He has performed on major radio stations and on network television on such well-known shows as The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, the Late Show with David Letterman, Good Morning America and the American Music Awards.  Dan has also recorded with several well-known Latin artists, such as Christina Aguilera and Marco Antonio Solis, on their respective CDs in past years.

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*Don’t smoke kids.  It destroys your health.

**Also where Justin Thompson attended school.

In the Midnight Hours

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