LIG Entertainment Management, Inc. to assist with the finance of movies in Texas

LIG Assets, Inc. Announces Formation of LIG Entertainment Management, Inc., First Two Movies, and Plans for Stock Dividend

DALLAS, Jan. 10, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — LIG Assets, Inc. (OTCPK: LIGA) announced today that is has formed a new division called LIG Entertainment Management, Inc. to assist with the finance of movies in Texas.  LIG Assets has been able to receive guarantees utilizing State Grants to ensure return of funds following completion of the films.  Most states provide State Grants and Tax Credits to encourage filming in its own state.

The first two movies are titled “The Water’s Edge” and “HOA’s”.  “The Water’s Edge” is currently in pre-production.  “HOA’s” starring Daniel Baldwin, Mayra Leal, and Kristin Wojciechowski has completed pre-production and is currently filming.  Completion of filming for “HOA”s” is expected to be wrapped by the end of January.  All filming locations have been identified and both will be filmed in the State of Texas.  “HOA’s” is expected to be widely distributed and released in theaters.

Jeff Love, CEO of LIG Assets, Inc., stated, “We have been able to create a business that is low-risk and high return in an industry that is usually high risk for investment.”  He continued, “Even better, we have already identified interested buyers for the films.”

LIG Assets plans to issue a stock dividend in LIG Entertainment to LIGA shareholders in the near future since this business is not part of its core real estate focus.  The number of future projects and forecasts from this new business also warrants the need for a separate publicly traded Company.

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