Documentary review: “My Love, Don’t Cross that River”… is what long-lasting love looks like


Review by: Mut Asheru

Love is real and Jin Mo-young’s documentary “My Love, Don’t Cross that River” proves it. The film captures the last moments of elderly couple’s Jo Byeong-man and Kang Kye-yeol’s last moments of their 76 year marriage. Yes, you read me right. 76 years! And they were just as lovey-dovey cute as they must have been in their vivacious youths. Even though their bodies aged the love and playfulness in their eyes and hearts stayed forever young.

Filmmaker Jin Mo-young seemed deliciously absent. The magic of these two and their story enveloped the screen. I became so completely absorbed in them I forgot there was a film in progress. This my friends is how you know you’ve chosen the right subject(s) as your focus point.

There were no camera angles of judgment. Even as their families seemed to ignore the elderly couple and fight among themselves the filmmaker stayed blissfully independent and let things unfold as they would. It must have been difficult to watch nature take its course through the camera lens.

MY LOVE, DON’T CROSS THAT RIVER was very successful in South Korea for a reason. This is what long-lasting love looks like. And who doesn’t like to look at that?

Film title in hangul:  님아, 그 강을 건너지 마오


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