June 2011’s Top 5 Stuffs that Helped Us Make it Through the BS

Hello Mut ‘I Know What I’m Talkin Bout’ Asheru here with the hindsight June 2011 essentials. Its been a hectic month trying to rebuild what was lost when Unsigned The Magazine decided it was done.  I learned a lot editing that magazine for the past 5 years or so.  I loved it.  But it’s Knowshi.Com’s time now and the grind never stops just changes her direction from time to time.  Here’s a list of my June essentials that helped me make it through.  There’s some indie stuff (of course) and some mainstream.

1. Music: The Light of the Sun – Jill Scott’s latest album was a godsend to my tired ears.  I was wanting some soul with some mature matter and some finesse.  So here came Ms. Jill with her powerful, angelic voice and her masterful writing to put me at ease.  She has taken her place of honor next to Mint Condition’s album “7” for the year’s top soul albums…so far.

2. Book: The Haven Series by author B.V. Larson.  We’re talking Kindle cuddle up and zone out time for real.  Because no one can read just one. I found myself practically inhaling all books in this series.  It started with a chance purchase on Amazon of book 1 “Amber Magic”, hell it was only .99 so I gave it a try.  Good, simple story telling that at times seemed a little too formulaic but at other times it just didn’t matter because I liked the monsters, loved the characters and wished I could be a hero in the story.  So the others quickly followed (Sky Magic, Shadow Magic, Dragon Magic and Blood Magic) and June 2011 was a good reading month.

3. Film Score: Metropia scored by Krister Linder.  That’s right damnit this girl loves her film scores.  Usually a film would be placed here but I didn’t come across anything indie or otherwise that made me tingle.  But I did find myself writing and daydreaming to Krister Linder’s score everyday.  And since I’m being honest and sharing and all…this helped me make it through in a big way.  Thanks Mr. Linder!

4. Indie Music: Eureka by Mother Mother.  While this CD was not something I expected from them as it went in another direction than their previous gem “O My Heart” it was still refreshing and filled with wonderful chord changes, intricate harmonies and of course quircky-honest-eye opening lyrics.  I love how they put their words together.  FAN FO LYFE!!

5. PR Professional:  Yup a person made the cut.  Ms. Makeda Smith of Jazzmyne Public Relations.  Not only does she respond to my emails and inquiries…she actually offered up words of encouragement regarding my new magazine venture.  Damn it felt good to know someone actually cared and that I wasn’t being used for my ability to give “good page”. lol.  Thank you Makeda you are an actual publicist who knows the game is about connection and not just email blasts.  Your clients are blessed to have you on their team.  Now don’t forget to send me Terrance Dean’s latest “Mogul”.  Please and thanks….my dating life still hasn’t been the same since “Hiding in Hip Hop”.

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