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Mutant-Girls-Squad-DVD-Box-ArtReview by: Ifakoya English

I have no real excuse for clicking on this movie besides the title MUTANT GIRLS SQUAD I mean why not right? That title is so bland, yet so AWESOME that there are a lot of things that could possibly happen. Now, I’ll just go right out and say that this is in no way a movie everyone should go see. To stand these movies you have to have an open mind, be into morbid humor, and have to have the mental capacity not to just explode when they see the collection of weirdo mutant powers.

The Japanese title is ‘Sentō Shōjo: Chi no Tekkamen Densetsu’ which roughly translates into ‘Legend of the Blood of the Iron Mask or Mutant Girl Squad’. This movie has three directors Noboru Iguchi, Yoshihiro Nishimura, and Tak Sakaguchi and was written by Noboru Iguchi, and Jun Tsugita.

Now aside from crediting the people who made this delightful film happen, they are the only three people I could see this film coming from. Tak Sakaguchi is a talented martial artist I often see in films like this, and by films like this, I mean in films that feature copious amounts of fight scenes. In fact, this film is nearly just one long running fight scene which I almost expect is his fault.  Yoshihiro Nishimura, the effects man and director himself is no stranger to this either. In fact, I best remember him for ‘Tokyo Gore Police’s’ ghastly effects (in a good way) and that film is an entire review on it’s own because recalling that film really just brings up dismemberment, and a lot of it. Anyway, his resume is impressive. Lastly there is Noboru Iguchi who’s head I imagine holds the secret to the universe, but are mostly hidden behind an impenetrable wall of porn…specifically porn that when watched would induce more madness than a staring contest with Cthulu, while high on LSD. Iguchi is the brain behind multiple WTF worthy AV films, and multiple “Okay what the hell is wrong with Japan?” level movies…if you for some reason don’t think a man would produce films of that caliber ‘Zombie Ass’ is a good way to check me on that.


Now, MUTANT GIRL SQUAD (if you’ve managed to read this far) is about a mutant girl named Rin (Yumi Sugimoto) who I swear is one of the last people  I’d have ever expected to see in movies like this.] who comes into contact with a group of mutant girls who want to get revenge on human kind for their persecution who are led by a transvestite samurai named Kisaragi. That is the extent of the plot, at least the plot you care about. From there it just becomes the oddest thing you can watch and features the likes of eldritch horrors with octopus and elephant trunks, girls with katana-boobs, and a butt that produces a chainsaw….a working chainsaw. Yeah, that is real.

This film has a decency not to even begin to try to take itself seriously. This film has no special messages, no real purpose, nothing you would find in say “X-men” which you could watch, read, or play for messages about persecution and things of that nature. No, this film is about school girls, weird mutations, blood, and fights. If none of that sounds good you to…leave. If it does and you haven’t seen it it, see it and you won’t regret a single bit of it.

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