“It Came From Dallas – Behind the 8-Ball” Thursday February 21, 2013 Studio Movie Grill Dallas

It Came From Dallas – Behind the 8 Ball” is Dallas Producers Association’s 8th annual celebration of filmmaking and filmmakers in North Texas… from the ridiculous to the sublime. Presenting Sponsor for “It Came From Dallas” is Replicopy.

It Came From Dallas was created to not only honor the trailblazers of the Dallas film industry, but also to serve as an annual Dallas Producers Association fundraiser that would benefit the Texas Motion Picture Alliance, a group founded by DPA which has been integral in supporting the Texas Moving Image Industry Incentive Program responsible for bringing film and television production jobs to Texas.

The event kicked off in 2005 with a look back at Dallas’ glorious B-movie past including hysterical clips and trailers from films such as The Giant Gila Monster, Rock Baby Rock It, The Killer Shrews and Don’t Look in the Basement. Shows in subsequent years have included clips from commercials and documentaries produced in Dallas and put the spotlight on many of the more prestigious motion pictures to film in North Texas.

For the 2013 version of It Came From Dallas, DPA has reached out to the community – the local production industry as well as local celebrities – to introduce film clips with a Dallas/North Texas connection. We’ll have Texas filmmaking professionals share behind the scenes anecdotes as lead-ins to a clip from a film they worked on and we’ll have celebrities with Texas roots introduce a film made in our state that left a lasting impression. Join us for this fun evening celebrating Texas filmmaking and contributing to the effort to keep production jobs in Texas!

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