Music Maker Interview: Rapper Fiend on his new moniker ‘International Jones’ and performing with a live band

Written by: Breeze Jackson Artists born in New Orleans have a breadth of musical education that someone who isn’t from there might find hard to understand. Your earliest memories are colored by music and the characters who produce it. The discipline, hard work, and fun that is involved with its creation has seasoned all your memories. […]

Music Interview: Guitarist Mark Letteri of ‘Snarky Puppy’ on the recent Grammy win and working with Lalah Hathaway

Written by: Melody Charles If you’ve been a part of the re-emerging  30+ live music scene in Dallas, TX over the last few years, chances are you’ve heard—or seen—the long, lean guitar-wielding machine known as Mark Letteri. Ahem…make that the Grammy Award-winning guitarist, composer and producer Mark Letteri. For years the Ft. Worth, TX-based performer […]

Music Interview: Indie Hip-Hop artist Klassik – You need in him in your life

By: Mut Asheru Hello Everyone. It’s time to introduce you to some good music. Even though our filters are set to let in a wide array of ear candy from all manner of musicians it sometimes gets difficult to actually hear over the music (ala Eric Roberson). It takes a mighty noise to rattle our […]

Music Interview: Hip-Hop Group Bone Thugz N Harmony on now being 100 percent in harmony

Written by: Melody Charles Two American Music Awards, One Grammy Award, millions in CD sales and nearly 20 years in the hip-hop industry: for the men of Bone Thugz N Harmony, their success as taste-makers and performers has surpassed their wildest dreams, but as far as Wish Bone is concerned, he and Krayzie, Layzie, Flesh […]

Music Interview: Glenn Lewis on his disappearance and now his comeback

Written By: Le Le Symone Just over a decade ago, the sweet and supple tenor of Toronto Glenn Lewis was all but inescapable thanks to his buttery tenor and that sweet mid-tempo ditty, “Don’t You Forget It” from his major label 2002 debut, World Outside My Window. Higher levels of exposure followed after his Maid […]

Interview: Earth, Wind & Fire on their latest CD “Now, Then & Forever”

Written by: Le Le Symone After countless awards, induction into Rock & Roll’s Hall of Fame and nearly a dozen CDs that span over 40 years of influence, longevity and hits, what more can possibly be said about Earth, Wind & Fire? Music lovers from any age group can identify at least a handful of […]

Music Interview: Donell Jones on His Latest CD “Forever” and Finding that Special Someone

Written By: Melody Charles You can’t exactly tell from his youthful look, buttery croon and playful demeanor, but Donell Jones is a certified veteran in the music game. With gold and platinum-selling CDs in his catalog and an enviable arsenal of pop and R&B hits (“Where I Wanna Be,” “You Know That I love You,” […]

Music Interview: Faith Evans on TV Show ‘R&B Divas’ and Making Music

Written By: Melody Charles If you’re a music fan who reminisces fondly about 1990s R&B, your recollections wouldn’t be complete without mentioning Faith Evans. Not only did the mulch-faceted singer and songwriter carve out her musical legacy behind the boards for some of the biggest and brightest in the business (Mary J. Blige, SWV and […]

Music Interview: Levi Weaver – Resetting and Redirecting Our Musical Compass

By: Mut “It’s All in How You Say It” Asheru As I write this Levi Weaver, whose songs about self-discovery, self-realization and self-acceptance  is back in the studio working on some additional sonic goodies for us.  In the meantime, we have all the wonderful works he already blessed us with to reflect upon and marinate […]

Music Interview: SuperBand Mint Condition speak on their TV One Unsung appearance and fan reactions

By: Melody Charles “They’re what?” “Are those Negroes serious?” “Aw. HAYELL. Naw.” If that was your initial reaction to the news that St. Paul, MN’s Mint Condition was going to be featured on the hit TV One series, Unsung, then you weren’t alone. But that doesn’t mean that the band doesn’t feel some kind of […]

Interview: Sparky Quano – Rock Guitar God

We’ve known about Sparky Quano and his extraordinary talent on the strings for years now. And we are finally prepared to share this gem of a musician with the those of you who may not be aware of the Japanese power-strummer that is Sparky Quano. With a talent like this hearing is believing. Playing solo, […]