Interview: Sparky Quano – Rock Guitar God

We’ve known about Sparky Quano and his extraordinary talent on the strings for years now. And we are finally prepared to share this gem of a musician with the those of you who may not be aware of the Japanese power-strummer that is Sparky Quano. With a talent like this hearing is believing.

Playing solo, Sparky creates a wall of sound that attacks you and lulls you into its embrace. Influenced by Sonic Youth, Megadeath, Pantera…etc he has developed an overhanded barefoot stage presence that mystifies. Do not miss the chance to see him live should you have one. Meanwhile we will try to keep our EIC from running to Japan to try to convince him to marry her.

He was gracious enough to grant us an interview. Thankfully his English is way better than our Japanese.

Knowshi: When did you start playing, what did you start on and why?

Sparky: 26 years old, I met special guy when I worked at festival in my local town. This guy is very famous singer songwriter in Japan. I talked him about music at a party after a festival. He told me that music is freestyle sound and influence.   You shouldn’t care about what people say.  You are you !!!!  People are people.  You need find to your style and your sound and my big sister’s boyfriend gave me an acoustic guitar at almost same time. I thought , this is my time! Because it was then that I began to play music.

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