Music Interview: Niklas Hegfalk – A Dull Delight but in an Awesome Way.

Interview By: Mut Asheru

Swedish artist Niklas Hegfalk recorded his debut solo project “At One with the Tide” mostly at his home studio in Malmo, Sweden.  Truly a testimony to heartfelt angst brought about by luv and it seems a healthy dose of depression, but hope also rears its dogged head from time to time on this project.

This guy’s voice is niceness.

Niklas started out as the bass player in rock indie band “Peaky Town Parade” in his hometown Värnamo at the age of 15. Later on, he formed his next band “Hotel Dominique”, in which he sang lead and doubled as guitarist. He’s also been spotted playing sets with artists such as Niklas Lindkvist.

DIY to the core “At One With The Tide” was recorded and mixed by himself (except drums, recorded and mixed by Peter Samuelsson from the Swedish band Camion Mile and Egon and The Familybiz), and mastered by Eric Nylén (producer and guitarist from Swedish Danish band Lampshade).

Musicians on the recording are: Niklas Hegfalk on vocals, acoustic and electric guitars, bass, piano. Emil Jönsson (BofW) on electric guitar. Beatrice Eriksson (Marla Sings) on additional vocals, harmonica. Emma Nordeborn on violin. and Andreas W Andersson (Pludge) on drums.

MUT – What was the inspiration for this EP?  Are the songs about one person in particular or many?

Niklas – The inspirations for the EP are in many ways just bout one person and about my inner dialogue how I feel about certain moments and situations.  Most of the lyrics are like paintings of my inner landscape.

MUT – Listening to your music, one would think that you’re sad.  Are you okay?

Niklas – Well mostly I’m quite fine. But of course I experience rougher periods in my life as well.  And mostly then I write the lyrics to my songs. I think, because I’m affected in a way I’m usually not, I experience the part of me that can be fairly destructive. So it comes quite natural. I’m afraid.

MUT – Describe your everyday personality for us.

Niklas – Well that’s a really hard question to answer.  But I’m a calm person. Ordinary, I think. I like the loneliness it makes me creative.

MUT – Now, what’s your personality like when you’re recording and on stage?

Niklas – Well when I’m recording I’m really focused. During the time I recorded “At one with the Tide”, I nearly drove myself insane.  I worked 8 hours a day came home around 5pm and started recording until 2am.  I found myself almost losing the ones that stand close to me.  So I guess that’s a lesson I learned, to have distance to the music and the recording.  I’m really nervous before the most of the gigs, but it often gets better while on stage.

MUT – What would you like to convey to the world through your music?

Niklas – Well, I really don’t think in those terms. My music is something that I do for my own good. I’m just glad if someone or something along the way the stops by for a second to reflect and really listen to my songs. I really don’t ask anything of the people. Well… maybe to be as quiet as they can during my gigs so that it’s possible to give them a fair chance to really hear the songs.

MUT – In what ways would you like to see yourself improve as a musician?

Niklas – I would love to be a better piano player.  And learn to play a 5 stringed banjo really good.  I love the banjo it’s a lovely instrument, such a lovely sound.

MUT – How’s the business side of your musical career going?

Niklas – Not that good. I mean people don’t pay musicians these days. They take for granted that you come and play for free or for a really small amount of money to cover the traveling expenses. And that’s really difficult when you put a lot of money and time into buying instruments, rehearsing and recording.  I think it’s easier when you’ve got a booking agency behind you.

MUT – Are you interested in pursuing any different directions with your music?

Niklas – No not really the most important thing as far as I can see it, is to be able to record and play my songs live.

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