Interview: Levi Weaver – Sick, Or Determined?

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By: Mut “here I go” Asheru

Ft. Worth, TX native Levi Weaver has been credited with putting on some fascinating live shows.  Currently residing in Nashville, his introspectively moody tunes have caught the attention of Imogen Heap and many others but he still needs your ear.

Born to a rodeo cowboy/ordained minister deep in the heart of TX, you can imagine the philosophical questions and (maybe answers) that were planted in his psyche.  But it was heartache of the loving kind that inspired some of his best work to date.  Boohoo for him but yea for us.

After winning a Myspace competition in Birmingham, UK, Weaver found himself supporting Imogen Heap on tour with his art-country/post-folky (1) brand of music which caused him to lose his overseas work visa because he was touring and couldn’t make it to work.  He has since landed in Nashville, TN.

Wonderfully healed and married now, Levi is in the studio preparing to deliver something new.  Let’s hope as he sits in his studio full of his wife’s wonderful spaghetti that happiness hasn’t dulled his intensity and lyrically creative force.

But after speaking with him, I sincerely believe that a peaceful heart and state of mind will yield even greater works of art than songs ‘Of Bridges Burned’, ‘Which Drink?’, and ‘Kid, Way to Go’ from both his critically acclaimed EP and debut album.

Such a wonderful guy, he’s even offered to help me find someone to interpret my recurring nightmares of zombies. (2)

His 2006 EP “Civil War Between My Heart and Mind” was great but his debut full-length 2008 release “You Are Never Far From Home/You Are Never Close to Home” is even greater.

“This is an amazing piece of work- I saw it live in Hollywood, it seriously made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Levi does it by himself with a loop pedal, uses a bow on his guitar to produce the eerie string sound you hear, and does all the backups in special mics, its seriously amazing,” says fan Gavin Bascom.

Levi, when you read this think of your song ‘Sick, Or Determined’ and turn it around because like the lyrics…We will figure you out someday.

(1)   Levi says he even doesn’t know how to label his music.

(2)   Levi once dreamed he was a cardboard box whose job was to eat crumpled up paper.

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