Music Interview: Emma Wallace


By: T. Mathenia

Found her on Ilike.Com

Mix the acoustic jazz and vocal style of Astrud Gilberto or Peggy Lee with the lyrical personality of Randy Newman or Tom Jobim and you’ll get Emma Wallace – a bit of the old with a bit of the new to make something entirely unique.

Knowshi – How long have you been performing your particular genre of music?

Emma: I’ve been writing my music for almost six years and playing out for about five.

Knowshi – What exactly is your genre of music?

Emma: Definitely pop- but more like pop from the 1930s…

Knowshi – What do you love most about your craft?

Emma:  I love the excitement when I am writing a song I think is really great!  I also love playing to an enthusiastic crowd that consistently laughs at my jokes.

Knowshi – How do you feel about your voice?

Emma:  I think I like it best when it’s singing something low… much easier to do in the morning.

Knowshi – How do you know when a song is crafted to perfection?

Emma:  It’s mostly that I get to the end of my process. I usually get an idea for a song with a phrase or a melody and then I often let it percolate in my head for a while.  When it starts to gel in my mind, I sit down and figure it all out.  Once that’s done- verses all finished, piano all set- I consider it completed.

Knowshi – Have you ever thought about getting into other areas of entertainment?

Emma:  I used to do improv comedy several years ago and even performed in a comedy dinner theatre so I do enjoy the stage!  I pretty much love performing – no matter what I’m doing.  Right now, though, music is what I’m spending my time and energy on.

Knowshi – Do songs ever wake you up in the middle of the night?

Emma:  Songs definitely keep me awake until all hours! However, once I’m asleep, I’m a pretty sound sleeper.

Knowshi – Tell us of your musical dreams?

Emma:  I have always wanted to win an Oscar!  Certainly a dream of mine!

More immediately, I’m working on putting together a tour of the US and Europe as well as make some music videos from my current album “A Reason to Stay Up All Night” and get ready to start recording my second album.  Ideally, I’d be able to remain unsigned and successful.


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