Interview: Costanza – Just Another Alien

Costanza: Just Another Alien

By: Mut Asheru

Prepare to be taken over softly and swiftly by Costanza’s voice and music.

Sonic Diary marks the Italian multimedia artist’s first full length album since being the featured vocalist on tripnotic artist TRICKY’s Vulnerable album.

Sonic Diary is a collection of fan favorite tracks from her previous EP, 3 wild electronica covers (including Johnny Cash and Fugazi) and the intense lead single, “Just Another Alien,” a track written from the immigration and customs form that will knock you out with its frank talk of what exactly it means to become an “alien” in America.

You may be familiar with her from Tricky’s 2003 album Vulnerable, where he dubbed her “a female version of me”.  As a singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and producer Costanza shines on her own with this latest effort.

Costanza began her musical journey in Rome, Italy where she studied classical guitar from an early age.  During the early ’90s in New Your, her eyes were opened to the Dischord scene that helped form her musical attitude today.

Her songs tackle a diverse and intense subject matter including relationships, longing, a feminine world view and social discourse.  ‘Just Another Alien’ contains lyrics taken from the US Immigration form.

She currently resides in Brooklyn where she alternates between music production, visual art and film scoring. She has composed music for TV show CSI and some Cadillac commercials.

COSTANZA’s next album  / visual art project “ MAKE ME ELECTRIC “  is slated to be released in 2009 on her own label Zer0Killed Music.

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