Interview: Brotherhood of Dae Han

Brotherhood of Dae Han

By: Mut Asheru

Found em on Ourstage.Com


So we’re tempted not to write an article at all and just let the music speak for itself, but no that wouldn’t be right.  After all, we’re only playing one of their tracks for you and that wouldn’t paint a complete picture at all.

Brotherhood of Dae Hun (pronounced day hun) caught our attention with their debut album ‘For the Glory of Olde Virgina” titled after members Barba and Mays’ love for their home state.

There we were sitting up on Ourstage.Com going about our judging duties when they came up in the queue. And damned if we didn’t almost choke from the presence they exuded in their music.  Now here’s another group that has the innate ability to rock a show.  Most groups have difficulty translating the energy of their live show onto record, but the Brotherhood did a darn good job.

If you don’t feel something after listening to track ‘Bury Me’ you need to check your pulse and possibly put your crack pipe down.  The drums and guitar absolutely kill on this one.

Those that come to their show not knowing what to expect leave as fans.  That’s how they do it.  They take your doubt and rock it out of you.

Brotherhood of Dae Hun (pronounced brotherhood of day hun) consists of:

Brett Mays – Drums

Chris Reeves– Bass

Jowe Barba– Guitar/Vocals

Justin Greenhouse– Guitar/Vocals

Jeff Wiant – Vocals

Showing that they can handle a stage, the next step for them is to simply make great music and yes get a record deal.  While they love their indie freedom they also recognize that funding your own project can be a hassle.  A hassle that they are sick of hassling with.

At the time of this interview they were actively seeking management that could do for them what they aren’t able to do for themselves. They book their own shows and generally handle all of the duties that a manager would handle…so yes they know exactly what they’re looking for.

They all found each other through a series of fortunate events that landed them all in the same house after some time and serious wooing of drummer Mays. Together now, they manage to play hardcore rock that is incredibly accessible on multiple levels.

Honestly, we like em because they’re not boring and the precision with which drums and guitars interact is soul-stirring.  Oh, and they lyrics are (gasp) understandable and smart.  Lead vocalist, Wiant does a wonderful job of not getting lost among all their glorious noise.

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