Indie/Emerging Music Artist Interview: Chrys Ryan – He’s worked with and sung background for the likes of Brian McKnight, Cee Lo Green and others

By: Mut “here I go” Asheru

It’s been a while since we introduced you to some blue-eyed soul. We don’t take these introductions lightly. Soul is some serious business round here. We always ask ourselves one question before we make an introduction and that is, “would I/we (depending on the author) pay for this out of my own pocket?”

The answer in this case is yes. So without further ado, everyone meet young-in-his 20s singer/songwriter Chrys Ryan. He’s worked with and sung background for the likes of Brian McKnight, Cee Lo Green, Neyo, and Pink.  Chrys has also worked on film/tv on projects such as Hairspray, Criminal Minds, High School Musical and the Wizard of Waverly Place.

Recently he was hired to sing the theme song for the television series The Exes and continues to sing backing vocals for the TV series Glee.

We had a chance to briefly speak with this wonderful dude (he seriously was very very nice) about his career thus far and his first solo album ON YOUR WALL. The album features some great musicians including: Aaron Sterling (John Mayer, Kelly Clarkson, Sheryl Crow), Zane Carney (Interscope), Brandon Seabrook (John Zorn, Paul Brody), Katisse Buckingham (Dr. Dre, Andy Summers) and Ed Wynne (The Doobie Brothers, Al McKay, Keb’

Knowshi: First off tell us where you got that voice from.

Chrys: I have to be honest it came from my Mom. She’s always sung and sings no matter where we are.

Knowshi: On Your Wall is a very heartfelt piece of work with a nice soul/pop/blues mix to it.  Was it an easy album to record?

Chrys: [laughs] Sometimes it was painful.  Being that this was a part of me I had to sit down and sincerely search for lyrics that accurately displayed what I was trying to say. Sometimes it was a lonely, sad experience but in the end it was worth it and I hope that we came up with something that is honest.

Knowshi: Mike Castonguay (Natural, Evan Taubenfeld) gave you a helping hand on your album. Tell us about your experience.

Chrys: Working with Mike was amazing. Sometimes it was a little frustrating being that we come from different perspectives and places such as me more on the R&B/Soul side and him more so from the rock/blues side of things. But the conversations that came from these different perspectives engendered great growth and I think ultimately broadened the record.

Knowshi: The lead single is Learn to Love. Can you tell us why (other than the fact that it’s good) you decided to lead with it?

Chrys: I guess at the end of the day it’s the message of the song that I wanted to put out there. I mean we hear it all the time but it seems like the essence of it just hasn’t stuck. (Learn to Love)…how many times do we have to hear it before it becomes the way we operate?

For more info on Chrys Ryan visit his website:

On Your Wall

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