Imani Coppola – An Illusive Breed of Confident

By: Carolina Jones

Women in rock have always been an illusive breed of confident, spirited personalities and Imani Coppola is no exception to the rule.  She sings what she mean in an in your face un-apologetic fashion.

And why shouldn’t she?  Imani, a Long Island, NY native, knows she has something to offer and is bound and determined to get it done.

This sexy, quirky indie rock star has built up a devout following over the years who adamantly embrace her poetry, sound and style.

Imani’s latest album “The Black and White Album” is an exciting and humorous look into the mind of a slightly off-center woman. She takes events such as turning 30 something and dreaming that she wakes up Caucasian and turns them into totally relatable and hilarious ish.

But through the humor and the clever word play, her power house voice and dynamic guitar licks are undeniable.  She makes it look easy…and isn’t that the sign of songwriting genius?

Imani says that although she’s at home in rock music she has a lot more to offer her audience.

“I got a million albums in a million different genres in me. I’d like to record them all before I die,” she says.

Born to musician parents, Imani knew almost at birth what her path would be.  She’s held steadfastly to her dreams to create music that is true to her artistic vision and goals.

Almost a one woman show she is very hands on in the recording process.

“…a typical recording session would look like me in my bedroom with a Pro-Tools M box a hard drive an AT 4033 mic, a  Powerbook G4 and a pair of headphones. I’d be tangled up in a bunch of wires cursing like I know no other words….and I’d have to periodically let my cat in and out of the room. This is my bedroom studio set up. It is what I use to do rough vocals and get idea’s out….I don’t always work alone…if I did I’d have no hair,” reveals Imani.

Although being independent is a hard row to hoe, she does it with style and grace, because according to her the best part about it is the freedom to create.

“You get to be your own boss,” offers Imani.  “Make your own hours, goals, set your own standards…you get to be a pioneer…it’s your life….why the hell shouldn’t you be a pioneer!

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