Film Review: ‘Wedding Scandal’ – A charming South Korean romantic comedy with awesome, succinct character development at its heart.

Film Review by: Mut  Asheru

weddingscandalstill1WEDDING SCANDAL is a charming romantic comedy with awesome, succinct character development at its heart. If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times; “script and casting”. This film gets it right on both counts. Directed by Shin Dong-yeob (신동엽), this gem of a “boy meets fake wife’s twin sister and falls in love” tale takes a hold of your heart and inflates it about 20 percent.

One day, Jung-eun (Kwak Ji-min) comes to meet the unemployed Ki-suk (Kim Min-joon). Jung-eun asks Ki-suk if he had been married to her twin sister So-eun. Puzzled, Ki-suk can’t do anything but just stare at her. Soon after, Jung-eun takes out a picture which features Ki-suk and So-eun awkwardly smiling.  He then remembers his fake wife from a couple of years ago! Fake wife has been caught and jailed by immigration who suspects the lie and will be deported soon unless true love can be proven.  Her loving twin sister Jung-eun refuses to let that happen and persuades Ki-suk to create some false evidence where they pretend to be an enraptured married couple in order to fool immigration…but faking true love is not easy as it seems. After a series of failed couple dates with awkward couple pictures attached, Jung-eun suggests that they record a sex tape to show and prove just how much in love they are. Hesitant at first, Ki-suk finally decides to do as Jung-eun suggests, thinking it would resolve the problem quickly. This leads them multiple failed attempts at recording said video.

One of the most fun and funniest parts of the film for me was when Ki-Suk called in his friends to help shoot  the video. The simple video then becomes a full on “gotta get the lighting right” production. And don’t worry folks it’s totally tasteful. No nudity in the entire film.  Flashbacks were kept to a minimal as the script more that adequately moved in pretty straightforward line with a refreshing amount of gentle humor.

Pluses. Cute-as-buttons actors. Kim Min-joon did a nice job portraying down on his luck (and impossibly handsome) Ki-suk. I would fake marriage him any day.   Kwak Ji-min also turned in a heart-warming performance as both sisters. She nailed innocence turning into love and yes, by the end of the film I was vested in the outcome of the characters.  Sex-loving-hotel lady included.  Nicely done and worth the price of popcorn should this flick happen to come your way.

No rating, 90 minutes
Director: Shin Dong-yeob (신동엽)
Cast: KIM Min-jun , KWAK Ji-min , LEE Se-rang
Screenwriters: Shin Dong-yeob (신동엽)


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