Film Review: This Movie is Broken

This Movie Is Broken

Director:  Bruce McDonald

Review By: Mut Asheru

this movie is broken movie poster jpeg

Can’t really say that I was crazy about this one but I definitely have to give the creators props for creativity.  Everything is centered around a Broken Social Scene concert.  The director weaves a love story in, out and throughout actual concert footage.

The is the story of a pair of unconventional lovers Bruno (Greg Calderone) & Caroline (Georgina Reilly). Childhood friends, their relationship changes after they wake up next to each other one day after a party.  Shortly after they run into a friend that announces the concert.  Do they end up together?  Can’t tell you but I do know that the characters are very realistic.  I had no trouble believing them and I got introduced to a new band at the same time.

I know you’re wondering just what about the film didn’t tickle my fancy.  Well, I’ll tell you.  I don’t think there was enough of story in there.  The story that does show up on scene is too brief for me to get into.  Not a bad story it just needed a little more development.

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