Film Review: The Parking Lot Movie

Directors: Meghan Eckman, Christopher Hlad

Review By: Mut “Do you think this is a game?” Asheru


I was a litte iffy on this one because of the title.  I know, I know you should never judge a movie by its title so I read the brief film description in the film guide and I was still like wtf is this about.  So I dragged my feet into the theater.  Why?  Well because I knew I was wracking up a lot of positive reviews and thought this one might be one of my few negatives.  Gotta mix it up so no one will think that I’m a hack.  Youknowwhaimsayin?  But…

This movie…er um documentary was freaking great!  Here I go again with another positive review.  Ever wonder what life is like for parking lot attendants, no I didn’t either but it can be funny if you get the right mixture of folks to work with.  We follow them through their days and nights while they have to deal with…just imagine.  I could see my self at home looking for something to watch on tv, spotting this doc and watching it again.

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