Film Review: Suck directed by Rob Stefaniuk


Writer/Director: Rob Stefaniuk

Somebody may have a cult hit on their hands.  I’m just saying.  A tale about a band whose bass player is a vampire already sounds like an interesting premise but Sefaniuk goes and throws in appearances by Henry Rollins, Moby, Alice Cooper and Iggy Pop…bam.  Need I say or write more?  Yes?  Okay.

This flick boasts some high-end production that belies its indie film status.  The Winners are finally starting some life spring into their music careers after years of grinding.  People are coming to the shows and talking the band up.  They’re becoming addicted to them…or is it to the alluring, magnetic vampire in the band?  Will the rest of them also become vampires?  If so, how high will their careers soar then?  Or will the just be monsters in the end?

It’s not the best film I’ve seen but its way far from the worst.  The vampires are okay…not memorable.  I left not knowing what the director could have possibly wanted me to leave with.  There was a message.  I think it was beware of drug addiction.

Review By: Mut Asheru

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