Film Review: Red, White & Blue directed by Simon Rumley

Red White & Blue

Writer/Director: Simon Rumley

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Sigh…yes another positive review.  Red White & Blue directed by Simon Rumley of The Living and the Dead fame has come with yet another satisfying romp into the realm of intenseness.

The story here is about a young fast-tale gal who loves em and leaves em. Along comes her new, creepy neighbor Nate.  He’s nice to her. Why?  Ahhh and there is the story.  Don’t try to predict what’s coming because you won’t be able to.  Okay so I wasn’t able to.  The obvious assumption is that Nate is going to kill her. 

I say obvious because Rumley didn’t give us much to work with in the first 15 minutes or so in the film.  Rumley forced my mind to hunt for every twist, turn and outcome I could think of all while being surprised by what actually showed up on scene.  Shot in a gritty, gloomy way Red White & Blue offered a very intelligent thrill ride.

Review By: Carolina Jones

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