Film Review: Princess Kaiulani

Princess Kaiulani
Review By: Mut Asheru


We all know wherever Whites went to conquer… lives were changed.  The stories that result from those changed lives always intrigues me.  Enter poor, young,  lovely Princess Kaiulani (Q’orianka Kilcher)…tragically  the last princess of Hawaii.  This is a decent film although its much too short for me.  I’m pretty sure a whole lot of story got left out of this.  Seriously, the telling of the takeover of a sovereign republic should probably take more time than 1 hour and some minutes. 

The film is engaging and well crafted. Almost poetic in scope. I look forward to seeing a film that deals more with the plight of the indigenious peoples of Hawaii. This film focused too much on the romance between Kaiulani and Clive Davies (Shaun Evans).  I will have to research if the relationship really went down because it didn’t feel real to me.

Costumes are great.  The soundtrack is full of string instruments.  But in the end, the story of how Hawaii got jacked by the Americans is trivialzed.

Written and directed by Marc Forby; director of photography, Gabriel Beristain; music by Stephen Warbeck; production designer, Steven Lawrence; produced by Mr. Forby, Nigel Thomas, Lauri Apelian, Ric Galindez and Roy Tjioe.

 Starring: Q’orianka Kilcher (Kaiulani), Shaun Evans (Clive Davies), Jimmy Yuill (Archie), Barry Pepper (Thurston) and Will Patton (Sanford Dole).

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