Film Review: Out of Nowhere: Directed by Will Lamborn

Out of Nowhere: Directed by Will Lamborn

Review By: A. Cooper

Run Time: 18 min

You never quit know what to expect when you watch a short film.  Often they are hit and miss due to the length of time the film has to get the audience involved. 

In the short film “Out of No Where”, written and directed by Will Lamborn, definitely hits something…the confusion meter at about a ten!  However, I think that is exactly what the film maker intended however.  

The film stars unknowns Samantha Colburn and Robert Evans in a Ground Hog Day style tale of a wayward traveler on a road to apparently no where.  Josh (Evans) just can’t seem to shake the recurring visits to the home Mary (Colburn) shares with her husband.  Is it a dream? Is Josh dead?  How are these people connected? These are some of the questions the viewer is left to ponder as each visit gets more and more twisted. 

A solidly paced somewhat weird watch, just be ready to scratch your head after it’s over.

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Dominic Spillane, Samantha Colburn, Rob Evans, John Henry Whitaker
Brett Fallentine & Roland Nguyen
Will Lamborn
Anthony Kuhnz
Ali Isham
Karl Preusser

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