Film Review: Metropia

Review By: Mut

film still from movie metropia

Complete with a dark theme and 2-D animation this film is visually interesting to say the least.  Visual distinctions aside, Metropia directed by Tarik Saleh is a foray into conspiracy theories and creepy script writing. 

An entertaining script to be sure (it is supposed to be blandly funny at times?…I hope), there are voices sounding off in people’s heads.  Inner voices that don’t necessarily belong to them.  And how do these voices enter in? (You’ll have to watch the movie for that answer)

Roger (voiced by Vincent Gallo) lives a disparing life in Sweden in 2024.  Some stuff has gone horribly wrong leading the world to run out of oil and somehow this leads to an elaborate  subway system links the entire European continent (scuse me?). 

Yeah, I couldn’t read the opening explanation as it was too small for me to see.  So I was thrown into this dark animated world of muted blacks and greys.  A color scheme which works well for bringing upon a sense of depression and hopelessness which is what you are meant to feel I’m guessing.  Anywho.  Roger starts to hear a voice in his head that at first tries to convince him is his conscience. Nope.  It turns out to be Stefan (voiced by Stellan Skarsgard), who is tied to Nina (voiced by Juliette Lewis).  We spend the film trying to figure out what Nina really wants from Roger and why.

I will be honest.  I consider myself intellectually sophisticated but I had a hard time keeping up with this one. Did I mention that people have chips implanted into their brains that makes them monitorable and some people are employed to monitor everyone’s thoughts.  Deep sh*t that we all feel is really going to happen one day anyway…right?

One last question.  This takes place in Europe.  Why does just about everyone sound American?? 

I can’t speak on the score because I’m biased.  My friend Krister Linder did it.  Go ahead and see Metropia if you get the chance.  You might be a little confused at the end but you won’t be disappointed.  Not unless confusion disappoints you.

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