Film Review: Lovers of Hate directed by Bryan Poyser

Lovers of Hate

Director/Screenwriter: Bryan Poyser


Ahhh how we love twisted tales of familial love and hate a dynamic that satisifies to the fullest in this film. Directed by Bryan Poyser, the film opens and gives us the gist of things within the first 5-6 minutes as we follow Rudy (Chris Doubek) who lives in his car and has to search for a place to shower and dress before he goes to work.

Rudy is a failure by his brother Paul’s (Alex Karpovsky) ruler. Paul, a best-selling author stops into town for a book tour and sees through all of Rudy’s attempts at normalcy and offers to put him up in a fancy hotel in hopes that Rudy will seize the chance to get back on his feet. But, nuh huh…Rudy has a better idea. He secretly follows his brother to his next destination and stumbles upon his brother and a woman (can’t tell you who the woman is now, you’ll have to catch the film). What happens next is shit in the toilet suspenseful. Literally.

Sounds like a potential disaster right? Well, it isn’t. It’s actually filmed and cut in such a way that the three character, two location movie is complex and thrilling in all the right places.

Review By: Carolina Jones

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