Film Review: Earthling directed by Clay Liford


Director: Clay Liford


What would it be like to wake up one day and realize you’re really an alien?  In most movies you would discover the truth alongside a mob on fearful humans and then be forced to resort to running for your life or worse killing a slew of people whilst running.  Thankfully, Dallas director Clay Liford doesn’t take us down that road.

Instead he takes us down a visually beautiful, introspective route.  “Small in scope but big in ideas'” he stated at the festival.  The newly self-realizing aliens now have to decide if they want to stay or go back home.   Decisions decisions.

If you’re looking for non-stop action…STOP…this is not the film to see.  A bit slow in pacing at times this is an introspective piece that would have absolutely been the bomb if it had a bigger budget.

Review by: T. Mathenia

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