Film Review: “Denjin Zabōgā” – I have no idea what this is….but I love it!

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Review by: Ifakoya English

I have no idea what this is….but I love it!

A remake of a Tokusatsu series of the same name from 1970’s, this movie attempts to bring the story of Yutaka Daimon (played here by two actors; Itsuji Itao being the older and Yasuhisa Furuhara being the younger) to the current generation in an attempt to update it while still holding onto the cheesy nature of old school Tokusatsu series yet adding something new and refreshing that keeps it from simply being boring. “Karate-Robo Zaborgar” is a delight, and happens to be one of the best films I have ever watched.

This film is yet another beauty straight from the mind of the man who brought us the world of “A Larva to Love.” and “RoboGeisha”.  The one and only Noburo Iguchi. I swear, every time I see this man’s name attached to ANYTHING I’m inclined to watch it and love it.

Seriously though this is a weird little flick and it took me at least thirty minutes to understand what in the endless sky was going on. The answer doesn’t really give you answers, and I mean that in a “what really” kind of way. You see, there is this evil organization going around stealing the DNA of important people. Why? For silly reasons…but the only person there to stop them is Yutaka Daimon and his karate motorcycle robot. Yes. Karate. Motorcycle. Robot. If this isn’t the greatest concept known to man, I don’t know what is! Thing is, that isn’t even just the story…the real part of this story starts after Yutaka ends up falling in love with one of the villains and they have some of the strangest sex I have ever encountered in a film at which point the story actually fast forwards to more greatness with an older Yutaka and his children.

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[Seriously! Tell me one other movie where the main protagonist is able to train with his motorcycle robot!]

This movie is a barrel of fun if you love Tokusatsu films, and are willing to simply enjoy a film without looking for the meaning of life. It does have quite a few messages that are important, but don’t let that distract you from the fact that it’s campy and fun. It pokes fun at the whole superhero genre, and yet pays it great respect. The fighting is just as fantastic and yet as implausible and silly as any other Tokusatsu era show, only the cinematography is actually bit a better and easier to digest. The music is fantastic, letting you know how epic the adventure actually is and fits well with each moment whether somewhat serious, or something silly.

The actors actually seem to be having fun with the film. Knowing that they are in a film directed by the “Zombie Ass” man himself, they had to know there were in for a pretty fun time and yet they played their roles seriously when the time called for it. There are few movies I know that can actually do that perfectly and this is one of the few that does it well.

The only bad point of the film would have to be that some of the jokes aren’t really funny and they seem to be running gags, but that is common and therefore not much of an issue.

The villains are silly, but fun and you can’t help but love them and the things they do on the same level that you love the heroes and supporting cast. They are all colorful and unique in how they operate and despite how stupid plans are, you could see how they work and see the importance of our hero who has a lot of heart. “Karate-Robo Zaborgar” is near perfect for me, and I think most people would actually enjoy it as well. It you have a chance to see it, I suggest doing so, but only do so when you are in a position to simply relax and enjoy yourself. There isn’t much to say about it because it would give too much away.

Seriously, see it. See it now if you haven’t yet.

Movie Title: Denjin Zabōgā電人ザボーガー  (2011)

English Title: Karate-Robo Zaborgar
Distributed By: Nikkatsu
Language: Japanese
Studio(s): Sushi Typhoon, King Records, T-Joy



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