Film Review: Cherry directed by Jeffrey Fine


Director: Jeffrey FineCherryPoster

Movie Review By: Carolina Jones

What?!?  Didn’t see this one comming.  At the beginning of the film I figured I knew where this was going.  But in the end I didn’t.  I like it better when I don’t know.  So with that said…yup I liked this one too.

Aaron Milton (Kyle Gallner) is college bound.  He doesn’t really know how to stand up to mom and dad yet.  Seen this story before”…wait for it.  So he makes the acquaintance of 2 lucky and confusing ladies. Mother and daughter at that.  What do they want from the boy?  I don’t know. Nobody does.  Another good question is what does he want?  Surely he doesn’t want them all.  Well, we’re about to see in a gracefully directed way just how complicated real love is. I will not give you any spoilers here…but it was soooooooo good.

Starring Kyle Gallner, Brittany Robertson and Laura Allen this film satisfied all of my emotional cravings.


*seen at SXSW 2010*

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