Film Review: “Carried Away” directed by Tom Huckabee

Writer/Director: Tom Huckabee

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This screener copy has gone into my movie treasure pile.  Director Tom Huckabee (Ft. Worth native) spent years (at least 10) waiting to make this semi-autobiographical baby.  Good thing because that time allowed him to run into Gabriel Horn who fit in oh so perfectly in his role as the grandma loving grandson Ed Franklin.  Framed by one of the most best looking casts I have ever seen this film is a must see.  And don’t worry if you can’t get to the nearest film festival to view it.  Tom will be selling copies on his website!  Please buy a copy, the man mortgaged his home to make this thing.  How indie is that?!

In a nutshell this is about a dysfunctional family and Granny (Julie Erickson) who after suffering a stroke is condemned to live in a nursing home (jail as she calls it) by her son Sunny (Mark Walters) and develops a mild case of dementia that comes and goes.  The “N-Word” loving Granny is broken out of the old-folks home by her loving  grandson Ed (Gabriel Horn) who can’t stand to see her stuck in a place she spends most of her time trying to run away from.  The relationship between these two actors is nothing short of heart-grabbing.

Review By: Mut “I Call It Like I See It” Asheru


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