Film Director Interview: Q&A with “Kill Your Darlings” Director John Krokidas

KILL YOUR DARLINGS starring Daniel Radcliffe took Director John Krokidas forever and a day to make. But as a testament to “stick-to-it-tiveness” his film is here in the light of day and is chock full of stars. We’re talking star power out the ass for his little film that could which also happens to be his first full length feature film.  Krokidas was present in Dallas, TX at the Angelika Theater for a Q&A following a showing presented by the USA Film Festival of Dallas. It’s a three part series with first video up and links to other two segments below. There may be some shakiness because yours truly (Mut Asheru) left her tripod at home.  Murphy’s Law.


Interview, Part 2

Interview, Part 3


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