Feature: Public Jones – All Over the Place Music

Intro By: T Mathenia

PJ_heads_vertOkay so I came across this group in my quest for the new and undefinable.  By undefinable, I mean ‘what the hell genre is this’?  I love groups that force me to dig deep and try to name them and ultimately fail and shrug my shoulders.  So without further words, and quips from me, meet Public Jones.  Their bio, however all over the place it may be says it all.  Hey, I think that’s what I’ll call their style! All-over-the-place music.


MC Xtreme A (singer, songwriter, international sex symbol, cynic, patron of the trendy and 5-star swanky, extreme type-A personality; favorite word: “psychopathology”) and *DJ No Money Down (producer, composer, songwriter, sarcastic cynic, patron of hole-in-the-walls, nature boy, type-B personality) are two college friends who shared a common love for music and fine footwear. After graduation, their lives took very different directions as they lost contact with each other.

DJ NMD moved to the City of Angels in a fully-packed and lowered ‘79 RX-7 to find his fortune, and MC XA began his gypsy quest for musical salvation and higher education, which led him from the dark alleys of NYC to the streets of San Francisco. Along the way he studied anatomy, rocked hard, and became a lover of good cannolis. He went on to become a crack surgeon, crimefighter and cunning linguist, moved out to Los Angeles (unbeknownst to DJ NMD) and became successful tending to top-seeded professional women tennis players and smacked-down WWE wrestlers on live television.

DJ NMD tried being normal for a few years, worked in the dry and conservative world of corporate America, dropped out of society, went to film school, studied audio production and psychological warfare, and inadvertently got back into music when he became the audio director for a Los Angeles-based video game developer. Subsequently, he became a freelance composer for video games, commercials, and animation, and produced and recorded for local artists–including his own bands’ CDs.

After years of painful separation, the extreme type-A MC XA, through daft detective work and the persistence of a myopic pitbull on crank, tracked down the long-missing DJ to a tearful reunion in a dark Studio City alley. They took up where they left off and decided to put together their overwhelming talent, fragile egos, desire to entertain and need for approval to form this exorcism of their creative (and other) demons.

The result: Public Jones was born, and their first body of work, the fruit of their loins and ids, is the self-titled debut EP.

*hilarious name! Love It!!

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