Music Interview: Michael Gulezian – Definition Defied

By: Susan M. Botich

MichaelsmallTrying to define Gulezian’s music proves to be hopelessly impossible. Gulezian, himself, jokes about it by calling it, “acoustic trance, neo-classical, deep powder anti-gravitational freestyle big mogul, alternative instrumental soul.”

He laughs, then adds, “I’m a very fiery and emotional person, and the music that comes through me simply is a reflection of who I am. It allows me to articulate what cannot be expressed with words.”

Gulezian began playing guitar when he was about six years old.

“I had been begging my mom and dad for a couple of years at that point, and they finally realized I wasn’t kidding,” he says with a smile.

Acoustic guitar has always remained his instrument of choice. He offers one reason.

“The sound,” Gulezian says. “There’s nothing like the sound of an acoustic steel-string guitar. To this day, it remains one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever heard. I’ve always loved the sound! Also, the acoustic guitar vibrates organically. Electric and synthesized music does not.”

A variety of non-standard tunings have become his primary musical domain.

“The acoustic guitar resonates differently in an open or non-linear tuning, from the way it resonates in standard tuning,” says Gulezian. “It’s magic.”

Gulezian has had the opportunity to sign on with some big labels over the years but chooses to remain independent. His voice resonates with passion when he offers his reason.

“By now, everyone else has caught on to what I recognized over twenty years ago – the corporate labels represent one of the purest forms of evil in existence,” he says. “Maybe everyone else just needed more proof.”

But, remaining an independent artist is not an easy road, says Gulezian. The artist must also be the businessperson.

“The most challenging aspect of it is the balance,” Gulezian says. “It’s very difficult to stay on top of the business while, also, trying to be creative. I happen to be pretty good at both.”

And, yet, the rewards of independent artist status are well worth it, according to Gulezian. One positive aspect, he says emphatically, is “being a force of example, screaming a deafening ‘[expletive] you!’ to the face of everyone who intimidates human beings into believing it’s impossible for us to pursue our dreams!”

In a quieter tone, he adds, “The real message in [my] music is that each one of us is born with a gift, with unlimited potential. Finding the treasure hidden inside each of us is only half the adventure – when we share it, that’s our gift back to the world, to ourselves, and our creator.”

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