Book Review: “Zeal Master: Way of the Warrior” by Rahmel Garner

Z FlyerSynopsis:

This is a story about a mystical land with unimaginable creatures. A land split into five different territories north territory, south territory, east territory, west territory, and mount hope territory. This world is centered-around a group of people known as “Zealeths”, these people are outcasts, usually shunned by the rest of the common folk who mistake them for monsters. It is not without reason though, since they can harness latent power called “Zeal Energy”. They also carry a sacred mark on their body called a “Zeal Symbol” and the symbol location varies by Zealeth-Body. They are unique and because they’re unique mankind refuses to tolerate their existence. For countless centuries man and zealeth have waged wars against one another. Fortunately, there was one zealeth who realized that the world will never change and the fighting will never stop. This zealeth was the most powerful and the most-wise amongst all zealeth. He was the great “Master Zore”, he had realized that the world had become a doomed one and knew that there was only one way to save everyone from themselves.

He decided to make the ultimate- sacrifice by manipulating a power within himself, a power that he has toiled with for years. The power of the ultimate zeal. He somehow managed to transmute his power into five mystical stones of energy called the “Zeal Stones”. Which rendered him completely powerless. He sacrificed everything for a world full of hatred. Prophesizing that one day a “Zeal Master” will appear and this Zeal Master will gather all five zeal stones together and bring balance back to the world. Thus, this is the story of those whose lives were touched by the zeal stones.

Review by: Ifakoya English

ZEAL MASTER: WAY OF THE WARRIOR by Rahmel Garner is at its heart an honest attempt at a fantasy novel. It mixes a number of fantasy elements together in an attempt to create a tale of enlightenment. In this story we follow a young orphaned boy by the name of Zirei who is picked up by a clan of warriors called the “Scythor-clan”.  Zirei, however, is not a simple boy. He is a warrior of destiny meant to bring balance to a world that has fallen into chaos. His mission is to collect the “Zeal Stones” and become the “Zeal Master”.

The book could have used more meat. It is far too short to get its point across. I would have liked to see more descriptive detail applied to landscape and character. There is little that is explained in the novel. Ideas are introduced suddenly without much rhyme or reason all the while having little to no impact on the plot. This book reads more like fan-fiction. A solid idea with some unique character names.

ZEAL MASTER: WAY OF THE WARRIOR has its sparks, but it is largely unfinished and needs much more refinement.

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