CD Review: Hands by Emanuel and the Fear


Eclectic rock/folk group Emanuel and the Fear continues to awe and wow me with their latest EP Hands. They efficiently wooed me with their first classical/rock/poetic/alt LP Listen which offered up such tantalizing treats as ‘Trucker Lovesong’ and ‘Simple Eyes’. The music is sooo good my eyes simply pop outta their sockets when they come on.

This damn Emanuel Ayvas is a songwriting, guitar picking, piano playing, abstract singing genius. Mark my words. I haven’t lied to you yet about anything music related so you can trust me when I tell you that if you love music you will luh-huh-uve Hands by Emanuel and the Fear.

Everyone that knows me knows I will drop my drawers for good lyrical play. Ayvas and his team of talented instrumentalists/vocalists would have me naked in a heartbeat. Stand out tracks include (but are in no way limited to) ‘Over and Over’, ‘Meadowlands’ and ‘Vampires’.

Review By: Mut “I Know My Stuff” Asheru

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